Company History

Technical Directions Inc. (TDI) has been developing turbine engine related technologies for industrial and military applications for the past two decades. The base technologies developed during this period have provided some unique features that are focused at the low-cost/expendable turbojet engine applications, such as mini-cruise missiles. TDI has utilized the U.S. Small Business Innovative Research program (SBIR) and internal funding to create a proprietary engine technology that has proven to be superior to that of other turbine engine companies. United States and European patents have now been issued covering these features.

The recent TDI focus has been directed toward expendable air vehicles where engine cost is a primary selection consideration. TDI engines have been tested using simulated flight conditions in the laboratory (windtunnel/altitude chamber) as well as a series of successful flight testing in vehicle applications. Other current programs concentrate on reducing the engine fuel consumption through increased component efficiencies. Portable test fixtures allow TDI to setup and be fully operational onsite to better support customers.

TDI utilizes a supplier based manufacturing system that benefits from the latest manufacturing technologies. Within a very low-cost framework, TDI has used a concurrent engineering method to combine the design and manufacturing functions into a single integrated unit. All of the selected TDI suppliers are now producing prototype engine components using production tooling to verify the low-cost objectives. TDI engine components are inspected by automated inspection systems to ensure conformance to specifications.

This integrated product strategy was critical to assure that truly low-cost turbojet engines could be available for expendable small aircraft. The utilization of production automotive turbocharger rotating components in an operational turbojet engine has been another significant step forward in reducing engine-manufacturing cost. Additional features of windmill starting capability, and fuel cooled and lubricated bearings further reduce the installed cost of TDI engines. Since separate lubricating systems are not required, oil pumps, pressure regulators, and fluid lines are not necessary. Now all hydrocarbons stored onboard the limited space of these small vehicles can be utilized to increase the payload or extend vehicle range instead of being dedicated to support the engine system. The TDI internal high-speed shaft-driven generator has been another cost and space-saving feature.

TDI is committed to meeting the requirements of the ISO-9001:2000/SAE, AS-9100B Quality System Standard for quality assurance and the requirements of its customers in all aspects of the manufacture, verification, and delivery of quality jet engines and related products to support the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, and other Defense Contractors.
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